[Secret NYC] America’s First AYCE Topokki Restaurant Has Opened In Queens

Korea's popular rice cake-focused dish has made its way to NYC and we're definitely excited to try it out!

America’s first all-you-can-eat topokki restaurant that recently opened in Flushing, Queens will have you feeling like a damn good chef…all of course thanks to their delicious ingredients.

Topokki (also called tteokbokki) is a highly popular traditional Korean dish. These spicy rice cakes are considered “Korea’s national treasure,” and are a staple comfort food amongst Korean generations. Though these rice cakes used to be considered a street food, over time they’ve grown to be more than just a dish you’d eat in food stalls, and are now served in more high-quality ways.

And Witch, Flushing’s newest all-you-can-eat topokki restaurant, allows you to be the curator of your own meal.

It all starts at the buffet-style food bar, where you can choose between different flavored powders to build your own soup base–from their eponymous Witch Sauce and Kari Kari Sauce (curry) to their more daunting but very intriguing Beware Sauce (which, as you can probably guess, is spicy).

After adjusting the sweet and spicy levels of your soup base to your liking, choose your desired noodle type–ramen, glass noodles, wide glass noodles, or chewy noodles–and choose from their 30+ toppings to add in, such as pork fish balls, minced sausage, baby pak choi, seafood mushrooms, or hard boiled eggs.

Though the main star of the show, however, are the rice cakes…and considering there are tons of options to choose from, from sweet potato and pumpkin to cheese-filled and slim rice cakes, we wouldn’t blame you for adding a little bit of each one.

Add some of their fried appetizers to your plate, such as tempura veggies or kimari (deep-fried seaweed rolls), and then all that’s left to do is allow your rice cakes to cook and then dig in!

Witch began in Flushing back in December, and they recently also opened a Bayside location this past January. Both locations are open 11a.m. – 12a.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11a.m. – 11p.m. on Sundays.

Featured on secretnyc.co by Brianna Perry

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