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Witch Topokki

Discover the magic of Topokki like never before at America’s very first K-food Topokki Buffet!

Endless Eats

Enjoy an All You Can Eat experience, where you can consume as much food as desired within a fixed time and at a fixed price.

Fresh & Flavorful

Fresh, Flavorful, and Customizable: Create your own topokki masterpiece with a fresh, ingredient-driven experience.

Unlimited Self-Serve Bar

Craft Korean-inspired dishes with family and friends at our self-serve stations for a fun and interactive dining experience.

Bringing Korea’s Comfort Food to Your Table

What is Topokki?

Topokki, a traditional Korean dish, is often referred to as “spicy rice cakes” and considered a national treasure. While simple to recreate, older generations of Koreans have fond memories of enjoying it as a comfort food with family and friends in the food market streets. Today, Topokki has evolved into a high-quality restaurant dish, yet we want to recreate that nostalgic street food experience in our restaurant with a buffet-style service for everyone to create and share their own versions of this delicious dish.
Endless Variety at Witch Topokki

Rice Cakes







How To Enjoy Topokki

Your Topokki, Your Style

Unleash Your Creativity: Personalize Your Dish with a Variety of Sauces, Toppings, Noodles and More.
Choose Your Own Adventure at Witch Topokki!
  • Step 1

    Craft your own sauce or try our signature recipes.

  • Step 2

    Add your personalized sauces into a hot boiling pot.

  • Step 3

    Choose from a variety of toppings including rice cakes, noodles, and fresh veggies!

  • Step 4

    Add a variety of fresh toppings into the hot boiling pot.

  • Step 5

    Indulge in your customized topokki once the rice cakes and noodles are cooked to perfection!

Endless Choices

Treat yourself to Pizza, Chicken, French Fries, Korean Fried Foods, Fish Cake, and More!

Add Fondue Ring

Enhance your experience with our cheese ring: add it to your order for a delicious and complimentary treat!

Our Service Guide

Something Special
About Witch Topokki!

90-minute dining time limit: Additional 20% charge for every 30 minutes beyond the limit.
Hot-pot can be changed for free up to two times.
18% gratuity automatically added to parties of 6 or more.
Inform your server of any food allergies in your party.
Any leftover food exceeding 16oz will incur an additional charge and cannot be taken home.


Monday – Friday


*Excluding Holidays





3 1/2 ~ 4 ft

Half Price


Under 3 1/2 ft


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